Newsletter ISPOG jan 2014

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Dear Readers and ISPOG members, Obstetric and Gynecological conditions always have an organic-biological, a social and a psychic component, no matter which is more apparent or able to be studied firstly or more easily. It is not the matter which is more important as the human being is a complex and cultural reality. Health care providers in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and related fields (Reproduction, Perinatology, Oncology, Sexology, etc.) need up to date and proper tools to interact with each woman respecting the three components. She has her special demands, needs and rights, a culture and subjectivity. The professionals also have personal challenges and need interdisciplinary collaboration for taking care of her/himself and of the patient. ISPOG provides tools, sharing of knowledge and shelter for the professionals that take care of women with a biopsychosocial , psychosomatic and integrated approach with the goal of empowering them and the national member societies in their own local circumstances. We have learned a lesson in Berlin: no more walls but bridges. We will go on building them with the collaboration in harmony of all the professionals concerned with the Health Care and well-being of women in a global perspective.

Carlos Damonte Khoury president of ISPOG

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